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We specialize in developing user-friendly and intutive cloud-based applications that minimize the need for IT-support and maximize productivity.

Let us build your tomorrow, today!



Our applications and services are run by cloud-powered secure servers. There is nothing to download, install, update or patch. All you need is an Internet-ready smartphone, tablet or computer and a web browser. Pocket protector not required ;)

While we have developed many applications and services that are used today in the Education, Non-Profit and SMB sectors, we will be offering subscription-based software to the public in 2016. Please stay tuned!

24x7 Uptime Monitoring

We know that reliable, consistent access to business-critical applications is important. To ensure this, the availability of our applications is monitored from several locations throughout Canada and the United States by an independent third-party service. Checks are performed every five minutes - that's 288 times each day! Additionally, uptime monitoring can be configured to report from locations in several other countries and regions as desired. We are devoted to providing you with an excellent experience.



Custom Development

Custom development services are available! Whether you would you like to add an interactive feature to your web site or a CRM portal for your business, we build to suit. Let us build your tomorrow, today!

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